Before you commit to finance, consult our finance managers who can run through a finance strategy session to help you fully understand your cash flow once the loan has settled.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, purchase an investment property or build a property portfolio we are can help you structure the best loan for you and assist in working out your current and proposed cash flow shortfall and the borrowing capacity impact for future purchases.

Having assisted property investors since 2001, we can help with the following scenarios:

  • Establishment of and teaching on the correct use of line of credit facilities,
  • Preventing the bank taking your home as security
  • Assisting parents to help the kids purchase their first property.
  • Consolidation of personal loans & credit cards through equity in an existing property
  • Build a multiple property investment portfolio
  • Prepare the property investment portfolio for retirement readiness

Whether you are purchasing your first property or already an experienced property investor, we can guide you to help you make a fully informed decision based on your overall lending requirements including the investment\home loan amounts outstanding, line of credit requirements, loan to value ratio, borrowing capacity, lenders mortgage insurance limitations and security type.

Our Finance Managers are members of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia and required to complete professional development of 60 hours per year. In the first two years of appointment, each Finance Manager is also required to complete the Diploma in Financial Services.

People often wonder how mortgage brokers are paid but feel reluctant or uncomfortable asking. On settlement of your loan, the selected lender will pay our company aggregator a one-off up front commission payment of your loan amount and ongoing monthly trail commission payments. This covers the cost of providing our mortgage broking service and is not charged to you in the form of a higher interest rate or additional fees & charges.

Davlin Mortgages Pty Ltd is a full member of the industry professional body, Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA member number 42984) and an accredited member of Vow Financial, which is our company aggregator. As a member of the MFAA, we must meet annual professional development requirements and are bound by their Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules, a copy of which can be downloaded from

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