For many Australians, investment strategy is made up of a combination of the home, an investment property and some superannuation. Strategy is developed through discussion with friends, family and co-workers often over lunch, during a coffee break or at a combined family bbq over the weekend.

Davlin Wealth Management was re-structured in 2007 to provide in-house services made up of Accounting, Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning to provide a full professional service for our clients.

We are able to conduct advice strategy meetings where our team of finance professionals can meet together to discuss varied strategies with the client. This ensures your accountant, mortgage broker and financial planner fully understand your investment strategy and can work together to achieve your wealth goals.

We have solutions for:

  • Getting Started with Investment Property
  • Negative vs Positively Geared Property Portfolios
  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Retirement Strategies and Accessing Centrelink Benefits
  • Risk Management

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